Economic Impact

As the operating entity for Southwest Memorial Hospital, several clinics, and related health care programs, Southwest Health System, Inc. (SHS) is an important piece of Montezuma County’s health and economic life.

SHS’s economic impact report provides a detailed look at how the organization contributes to the economic life of Montezuma County.

Among major sectors in Montezuma County, the largest employers were local government, business and personal services, and wholesale/retail trade. The entire health care industry followed with nearly 1,200 jobs and a payroll of over $44 million – nearly 10 percent of county employment and 11 percent of county earnings. In 2010, SHS employed 342 persons with a payroll of $19.2 million. SHS employees received a wide range of compensation averaging $56,000. This is well above the county-wide average of $34,000. Accounting for both direct and secondary effects, SHS supported 3.6 percent (441 jobs) of county employment and 5.5 percent ($22.4 million) of county earnings. This suggests that SHS has an employment multiplier of 1.29 and earnings multiplier of 1.16. That is, for every 10 jobs on the SHS payroll, an additional three jobs were generated in the county. And for every $50,000 of payroll by SHS, another $8,000 of income was received by workers in Montezuma County.

SHS operations drives an additional 210 jobs and $11 million in earnings throughout Montezuma County.

To view of download the economic impact report, click here.