Our Customer Service Standards

Personal Growth

  • I will take ownership in my actions as well as their results
  • I will seek to resolve any problems in a constructive and positive manner
  • I will make a conscious effort to listen carefully and attentively to patients and care givers in an effort to provide comprehensive, individualized service
  • I will strive to be empathetic to others’ situations
  • I will respect differences and diversity


  • I will continually strive to improve my job skills and performance
  • I will actively involve the patient and caregivers in treatment and care
  • I will be clear in my explanations to patients in all aspects of their care and keep them informed on timeframes and delays
  • I will welcome questions and find answers


  • I will demonstrate support of my coworkers and the organization when speaking with patients and family members
  • I will relay all relevant information regarding patient care in an accurate and timely manner to those involved in treatment and care
  • I will seek opportunities to assist and empower others
  • I will work to ensure processes and systems are running smoothly and efficiently in an effort to seamlessly serve the customer
  • I will actively seek to promote constructive open communication throughout the organization

Safety Awareness

  • I will immediately address any safety concerns either personally or by contacting the appropriate person
  • I will monitor and maintain my work environment in a neat and safety conscious manner
  • I will be aware of potential infection and safety hazards and will make every effort to prevent and reduce risks to myself and others

Positive Impressions

  • I will greet and acknowledge everyone in a professional and positive manner
  • I will be polite, courteous, and professional when answering the phone or leaving a voicemail and will do so in a positive tone identifying myself, my department and reason for the call
  • I will present a professional, positive image of myself and the organization at all times
  • I will take pride and ownership in the facility and grounds working to maintain my work area and common areas
  • I will treat, serve and welcome all patients, family members and visitors as I would have my loved ones treated


  • I will seek opportunities to exceed the expectations of the customer
  • I will provide individualized service, realizing each patient is unique and little things make a big difference
  • I will provide assistance to patients and family members to the best of my ability
  • I will knock before entering patient rooms, protect confidentiality, respect the patient’s dignity, and always say “thank you”
  • I will be considerate in all my actions and words