2013-2015 Strategic Framework

Where Caring and Community Come Together

Southwest Health System will provide comprehensive health care services that fully embrace our core values.

We will have the integrity to provide health care to everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age, or ability to pay.

It is the privilege of every individual working at SHS to serve in the healthcare field on a daily basis; it is also our unique pleasure to provide health care to those in need. In order to build on our accomplishments of the past, we must strive to be relevant in the complex healthcare landscape of the future. To that end, our costs and prices must be reasonable so that we remain good stewards of everyone’s money.

We will diligently uphold the altruistic foundations of medicine to provide selfless service. Health system complexities must not diminish delivery of care that makes a huge difference in people’s lives. We will remove obstacles and anticipate patient needs without expecting them to become experts in managing the intricacies of our system.

Individual contributions and teamwork make us successful. All members must understand that they have a personal investment in contributing their personal best to the team. Personal investment in excellence overcomes many resource constraints and teamwork provides the competitive edge to make a difference in competing to win. We understand that a sense of ownership is essential in converting a building into a place of healing that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Our Goals

Quality - Be a recognized leader in the delivery of quality, accessible, cost-effective care.

Service - Exceed the expectations of our patients through the provision of patient-centered care.

People - Empower and engage our employees and medical staff so they can maximize their performance, growth, and development.

Growth - Focus growth on services essential to the community, efficiently integrate services across our system, and take a leadership role in improving the community's health.

Finance - Maintain a healthy financial condition.

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