Community Update from CEO 1-22-2021

January 22, 2021


UPDATE From the CEO:

It has been a while since I provided a community update but I wanted to get back on track and let you know how things are going with the COVID situation at SHS.

We have actually seen a significant decline in the number of inpatient COVID cases and as of today only had 1 COVID patient out of 16 total patients in-house.  We are hoping this is a good sign that we will not see the surge we feared from the Holidays.  But as the positivity rate indicates, we are not out of the woods and must be diligent in our continuation of precautions.

However, in the bigger picture it continues to be a to be a mixed bag.  If you look at local testing numbers, the number of tests being done weekly has dropped significantly.  However, the positivity rate on those tests remains high.  If you look at the period since last Friday, County-wide, there have been 288 resulted tests and 105 of those were positive for a positivity rate of 36% which remains very high.  This may actually be a sign of the effect of the Holidays, but as I said previously, it is not filtering down to the hospital admissions which we are thankful for.

Obviously, a lot of attention is on vaccinations as we move through the phases and the current administration of vaccines to our 70+ population.  Supply is the major issue right now and we were not allocated any vaccine by the state this week.  However due to the persistence of Marc Meyer, our Pharmacy Director, and his diligence in seeking out vaccine, we were able to obtain 300 doses from another entity for use at a clinic that is taking place today.  Fortunately, with the system that has been put in place, and the hard work of a lot of people, we were able to get people scheduled quickly for today’s event.  There continues to be significant issues with the supply chain, and we have not to-date really been given an explanation as to how the allotments are determined. However, we have been told that going forward, SHS will receive 50% of the allocation for Montezuma County.  For next week that means we will have 200 first doses available.  We will also be doing a second dose clinic that will be another 200 doses. With over 3,000 70+ on our waiting list, without significant change in supplies, we will be into well May/June getting just this 70+ round done.

I urge you to check out our Facebook posts and our website’s COVID information page for more on how the scheduling process works.  We are hopeful the supply allocations will improve so we can speed up the process, but that is not within our control.

A very big you Thanks to all of you for the on-going support during this very trying time.