Ben Carelock, DPM

Dr. Ben CarelockBen Carelock, DPM

Southwest Medical Group Specialty Care:
Orthopedics, General Surgery, Podiatry

1311-A N. Mildred Road, Suite A • Cortez, CO 81321
Phone: 970-564-2681 • Fax: 970-564-2682

Board Certified in Foot Surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery
Medical School: Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine, Glendale, 2009
Residency: Yale-New Haven Hospital/VA Connecticut Health Care System, New Haven, 2012

Dr. Ben Carelock and his wife Ashley have lived in the Cortez area since 2013 and enjoy biking (mountain and road), taking in all the expansive views and amazing scenery Southwest Colorado has to offer.

Taking proper care of our feet keeps us healthier in the long run. At Southwest Medical Group, the podiatry team led by Dr. Carelock, strives to keep patients active by providing top quality care for a variety of common issues concerning the foot and ankle.

What is a podiatrist?
A doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM) is a physician or surgeon specially trained to diagnose and treat conditions of the foot, ankle or related leg structures.

What services and resources are available for podiatry patients at Southwest Medical Group?
At Southwest Medical Group, the most common issues for the podiatry team revolve around the care of patients living with diabetes and athletes.

The care team also handles both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Whether a patient has mild joint discomfort or a full fracture in their foot, podiatrists are trained to treat a variety of conditions. The list includes foot fractures, bunions, hammertoes, osteoarthritis, ganglion cysts, ingrown nails, tendon ruptures, nerve entrapments, chronic foot pain, ankle fractures, instability, bone spurs and tarsal tunnel.

“We typically are able to get 95 percent of patients better without surgery,” Dr. Carelock said. The foot specialists can also take x-rays, customize orthotics and brace or cast patients in house. For urgent issues and acute pain, patients can schedule same day appointments, but Dr. Carelock says they always appreciate a call in advance.

How can people stay on their feet?
For some dealing with chronic pain in the heel or joints, seeing a podiatrist is often the best step forward. These issues are often easily amenable, but won’t go away on their own. Between everyday wear and tear, injuries and infections feet experience, focus on activity can actually be more beneficial.

“Stay active,” Dr. Carelock said. “Periodic activity and inactivity is a risk factor for injury. We see a lot of injuries from people who are weekend warriors. They used to be active, but they get out of shape. Then they wind up trying to do something intense and hurting themselves.”

Podiatrist Dr. Carelock is happy to serve patients in the Four Corners region, including the Ute Mountain and Navajo
reservations. For happier, healthier feet or better shoe recommendations call to schedule an appointment at (970) 564-2681.

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