SHS CEO Tony Sudduth message with first presumptive positive in Montezuma County

For the last couple weeks we have been approaching the COVID-19 pandemic with the assumption that there were active cases in Montezuma County.  Today we have confirmation that this was an accurate assumption as we received notice that an individual tested in our drive-up clinic has been determined to be a presumptive positive.

As we have previously stated was the process, the Montezuma County Health Department has spoken with the individual and will determine if there was any potential exposure to others.  From that point they will notify anyone else as appropriate, so rest assured anyone determined to be at risk from contact with this individual will be notified by the Montezuma County Health Department.

So I am sure you are wondering what will this change in our current recommendations and processes.  At this point none, we will continue to stress Social Distancing and the adherence to the Stay at Home Order, which is the only way to contain the spread of COVID-19. We believe that this individual is likely not the only person in Montezuma County who is positive, and we must change our behavior now.

It is also very important to remember that this is not a time to panic, this is not unexpected and as I said we have known all along it was just a matter of time before out assumptions were confirmed.

We will continue to do testing as currently recommended and adjust as is determined to be appropriate.  In the meantime, please adhere to our recommendations, stay at home when at all possible, maintain appropriate social distancing at all times and wash your hands frequently.   As we have promised we will keep you informed as information develops.

Thanks you to the community for your support and assistance as we work through this crisis and know that the biggest help you can be to us and the entire community is to continue to follow our recommendations.

Thank You,

Tony Sudduth