Health Information Management (H.I.M.)

H.I.M. (Medical Records)

Our experienced team of health information management specialists are responsible for making sure that your medical data is accurately recorded and maintained. We take patient privacy very seriously and our professional staff understands the importance of protecting your confidential information.

The Health Information Management department is responsible for organizing and maintaining patient records; diagnostic coding for hospital reimbursement statistical and research purposes; transcription; releasing medical records to appropriate parties in accordance with strict privacy guidelines; communicating with physicians and hospital staff as needed to ensure an efficient flow of information; and answering questions that patients have about obtaining their health records.

If you have questions about your health records, including how to obtain copies of documents or have your information transferred to another healthcare facility, please call the department at 970-564-2311 (or fax to 970-564-2333). 

For access to your results and patient information, click here.

For your convenience, an authorization form for the release of medical records can be downloaded here.

Southwest Memorial Hospital
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