Inpatient Services

The Medical/Surgical Care Unit at Southwest Memorial Hospital provides care for both adults and children who are hospitalized for acute medical conditions and who are recovering after surgery.

Our team of registered nurses works closely with physicians to provide high-quality, compassionate care to each and every patient. The staff is also available to provide information and support to patients’ family members.

ICU Rooms

Our new ICU room at Southwest Memorial

Unless the hospital is extremely busy and experiencing higher than usual patient volume, you will have a private room if you are admitted to the hospital.

All rooms have televisions and direct dial phones.

We encourage patients to have visitors and provide an atmosphere conducive to having friends and family members spend time with their loved ones. There are no set visiting hours and we only ask that patients be allowed ample time for rest and recovery. Visitation may be limited at times (especially for children) if certain infectious diseases are being treated.

A Hospice Room is available for clients within Montezuma County. This private room and bath offers a comfortable setting where patients nearing the end of life can receive medical support in the presence of their family and friends.

Meghan Higman, R.N. is the In-Patient Services Director overseeing MedSurg, ICU and the Family Birthing Center.