Marketing & Public Information

The Marketing department is responsible for implementing marketing programs, including external and internal communications, patient satisfaction, monitoring, and advertising. They work closely with management, physicians, and employees to identify marketing needs, target audiences, and design marketing plans to promote business growth and limit out-migration. In addition, we work successfully with representatives from various communities, organizations, and neighborhoods concerning the diverse populations and cultures we serve.

For Sponsorships or Press Inquiries please contact the Marketing department at:

Office: (970) 564-2156


Sponsorship and Donation Requests

It is the policy of Southwest Health System, Inc. (SHS) to make donations to non-profit organizations whose goals and philosophy are in alignment with the mission, vision, and values of SHS. Preferred organizations will be those that have health and/or wellness as their primary mission.

Requests for donations and sponsorships must be made in writing using the “Donation Request Form” that is available for download on the hospital website.

Please define if the request is a “donation” or a “sponsorship”.

A sponsorship is a business transaction. In contrast, a donation is a charitable gift and is given for philanthropic reasons. Sponsors pay a fee to own the rights to the commercial potential relating to an event or a charitable organization. They aim to create a link in the minds of target audiences between the charitable organization and their own brands, products, and services. The sponsorship provides exposure or recognition in the desired context and can serve to increase customer awareness.

If you are requesting a donation, we ask that you provide a way in which you will bring health and/or wellness awareness to your organization. Examples include providing wellness tips to employees, hosting a healthy cooking course, having a healthcare provider conduct a health/wellness presentation, etc.

Requests will be submitted to the Marketing Department and reviewed by the Marketing Director. Requests must be submitted 30 days prior to the event for consideration.

Please allow 30 days from receipt of invoice to receive a payment.

It is recommended that organizations submit requests for the following year by November to secure a space in the budget.

Donation Request Form (PDF download)

Marketing Team

Clifford Rivard

Marketing Specialist & Associate PIO

Clifford (Cliff) Rivard has an extensive marketing and business relations background, focusing on innovation, technology, and rapid-growth start-ups. Originally from California, but raised in Mancos. Cliff brings a wide variety of knowledge in Profit & Loss and leadership training and development. He oversees internal and external communications, press relations, online presence, events, sponsorships and is an active member of the Southwest Memorial Hospital Foundation Board.

Charles Krupa

Chief Information Officer & PIO

Charles (Chuck) Krupa is currently the Chief Information Officer and Public Information Officer at Southwest Health System. Chuck oversees the organization’s technology and marketing teams, providing oversight of the strategic vision, operational direction, delivery of technologies, and release of information to the public. Click here to learn more about our Senior Leadership Team.