Request for Proposal - Montezuma County Hospital District

Southwest Health System Request for Proposals (RFP) General Contracting…

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Rachel Garrison, MCD, CCC-SLP Joins SHS’s Rehab Team

PRESS RELEASE Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Rachel Garrison,…

SHS and Classic Air Medical Open Medical Air Transport Base in Cortez, CO

Southwest Health System, Inc. (SHS) a critical access hospital…

Pam Clark, FNP

Pam Clark, FNP Specializing and Board-Certified in Pain Management  Pam…

COVID-19 Antibody Testing (IgG)

We will begin offering COVID-19 antibody (IgG) testing to the…

SHS Takes Delivery of COVID-19 Rapid Testing Equipment

Southwest Health System (SHS) has been at the forefront of providing…

New Primary Care Providers are Welcomed to Southwest Medical Group

Caitlin Mooney is a board-certified Physician Assistant. She…

SHS Prepares to Reopen Elective Services May 4th

Southwest Health System, Inc. is preparing to reopen services…

CEO Update 2-24-20

CEO UPDATE:I want to start out this week with a very positive story. Earlier this week, SHS received an award from the Colorado Rural Health Center iCare program. Another example of just how far this organization has come and demonstrates our continued focus on Quality. Below is a summary Karen and Lisa put together to […]

CEO End of Year Review

CEO UPDATE: SOUTHWEST HEALTH SYSTEM 2019, A YEAR IN REVIEW For Southwest Health, 2019 was a year of complete contrast to 2018, from a year of change and chaos, to a year of stabilization. During 2019 we focused on, with considerable success, stabilizing operations, finances and also leadership. I ended the 2018 year in review […]

Thanksgiving Message from CEO Tony Sudduth 2019

Click here to watch a thanksgiving message from CEO Tony Sudduth. Have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!

SHS announces Rick Shrader as permanent CFO

  Cortez, CO- Southwest Health System (SHS) Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Rick Shrader as permanent Chief Financial Officer of Southwest Health System. “Rick’s leadership over the past year as interim CFO has been instrumental in our very successful turn-around. He brings a depth of knowledge and experience that allowed him to […]

August 8th House Rep Scott Tipton Visit to SHS

It was our pleasure to host Representative Scott Tipton at Southwest Memorial Hospital on Thursday, August 8th.  Rep. Tipton toured the facility including the new 20-bed inpatient wing, ICU, and Family Birthing Center, as well as our OR, ER, Rehab Department, 4-suite Medical Office building with primary and specialty care clinics.  Tipton and his staff […]


Stage 1: SURVIVAL Our recent successful turnaround at Southwest Health System continues to receive recognition. Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) recently selected SHS to be the subject of a case study demonstrating the impact of the changes that were necessary to ensure the long-term survival of SHS. As you know the primary (Stage 1) focus was […]

May 24, 2019 CEO Update

CEO UPDATE TO SHS STAFF: On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to again present our Board another month of excellent financial results.  We were very busy during April.  All in all, it was one of the busiest months this organization has ever experienced resulting in record gross charges.  We held our costs down and a […]

Overcoming Challenges in Rural Healthcare Today

In Colorado, the cost of health insurance is a very hot topic right now.  It has been determined that health insurance premiums on the Western Slope of Colorado are some of the highest in the country.  Colorado’s Governor, Jared Polis has pledged to address this issue and work to drive down healthcare cost to the […]

CEO Update – March 15th

CEO UPDATE: The obvious highlight of this week was last night’s donor appreciation/ open house to celebrate the completion of the construction project. It turned out to be an excellent night with great attendance and gave us the opportunity to thank the people who were instrumental in bringing this to a successful completion. This project […]

Tony Sudduth

CEO Update – March 3, 2019

This week I had the opportunity to attend the Board meeting of the Western Health Alliance in Grand Junction.  WHA is an organization that we are actually a founding member of and part owner that advocates for rural healthcare providers on the Western Slope of Colorado.  It was a very interesting meeting in that I […]

Feb 1st CEO Update – 2018: A Year in Review

CEO UPDATE: SOUTHWEST HEALTH SYSTEM 2018, A YEAR IN REVIEW For Southwest Health System (SHS), 2018 was a year defined by tremendous change, chaos and ultimately success.  An opportunity for the organization to either accept the direction it was heading and ultimately fail or accept the challenge that was in front of it and establish […]

Just Culture at SHS

After an on-site review and implementation of the Just Culture philosophy and concept with David Marx and John Westphal of Outcome Engenuity in the fall of 2018,  SHS has embraced and is implementing facility-wide a “Just Culture” philosophy including education and training to leadership and staff. “A just culture balances the need for an open […]

Calendar of Board Meetings

Calendar of EventsTo stay up-to-date on our scheduled board meetings, please view our calendar below. If you have questions or concerns regarding these dates, please contact us for further information. 


Montezuma County Hospital District Special Board Meeting @ EMS Training Center in the Training Room
Jan 26 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Montezuma County Hospital District Special Board Meeting @ EMS Training Center in the Training Room | Cortez | Colorado | United States

The Montezuma County Hospital District was formed in 1975 enabling it to collect tax dollars for facilities and construction and to provide quality health care for our community.

The Montezuma County Hospital District is a political subdivision of the State of Colorado governed by statutes and operating under Constitutional constraints. In 1995 the Hospital Administration and the Montezuma County Hospital District Board of Directors investigated the formation of a non-governmental hospital entity that could operate the hospital in a much less restricted environment and could be both competitive and diverse. The Board of Directors recognized limitations they operated under with regards to then-current hospital industry changes and our actual service area that encompassed much more than just Montezuma County.

MCHD Board decided to establish a not-for-profit corporation completely separate from the Hospital District. They would lease the hospital facility known as Southwest Health System, Inc and are involved in construction and facilities management for the organization.

Learn more about the Montezuma County Hospital District here.

SHS Regular Board Meeting @ Main Hospital Entrance Kiva Room
Jan 26 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Southwest Health System, Inc. was established in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. The Board of Directors is appointed in December of each year at the annual meeting. The issues that remain the same and continue to add value to the Hospital through the formation of Southwest Health System, Inc. are, in part, as follows:
-As a non-governmental entity, SHS can operate in other states such as Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona which are in our service area but outside the Hospital District boundaries.
-SHS has the ability to enter into agreements to provide service to private businesses and individuals.
-SHS can act quickly to secure goods and services outside the requirement to obtain competitive bids.
-As a private corporation, it does not operate under the Sunshine Law.
-As a private corporation, it need not be concerned with its activities regarding the Dillon Rule.
-SHS allows a more flexible operating model for health care providers.
-Recruitment of physicians can be accomplished in a private setting since board members can meet with potential candidates without the need to call a special meeting of the board.
-Strategies to increase market share can be discussed privately in order to gain a competitive edge.

To learn more about Southwest Health System Board of Directors, visit here.

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