Treatment Options for Serious Pain – Dr. Cole

The following excerpt is from an August 14, 2014 article in the Cortez Journal:

“Everyone experiences pain from time to time. Often it’s fleeting and goes away without any treatment at all within a few minutes (remember the last time you stubbed your toe?) or over the course of a few days or weeks, such as when you pull a muscle or suffer some other type of minor injury.
But pain can also be chronic and – for some people – severe enough to interfere with their ability to work, perform routine activities, and enjoy life. These are the individuals that Cortez-based interventional pain management specialist Dustin Cole, MD, sees in his office every week.

” ‘For patients with chronic pain, we always try the least invasive treatments first,” said Cole. “If lifestyle changes, physical therapy, or medications specific to the type of pain a patient has are not effective then we start to consider an interventional approach to provide relief.’ ”

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