SHS Prepares to Reopen Elective Services May 4th

Southwest Health System, Inc. is preparing to reopen services…

CEO Update April 10, 2020

CEO UPDATE: I was hopeful that this week would be the first that…

SHS CEO Tony Sudduth message with first presumptive positive in Montezuma County

For the last couple weeks we have been approaching the COVID-19…

Low Supply of Masks and Protective Equipment

How you can help: Donate masks you may have at your business. …

COVID-19 - Your Local Questions Answered by SHS Infection Prevention Team Southwest Health System answers…

SHS welcomes Orthopedic Surgeon Braden Jones, MD to Specialty Care Team

Orthopedic Surgeon Braden Jones, MD joins SHS Practice Dr. Braden…

Dr. Peter Lin Breaks Down Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dr. Peter Lin breaks down information on Coronavirus (COVID-19). CBC video of Dr. Lin helps separate fact from fiction on the Coronavirus. Dr. Peter Lin explains how the virus spreads, based on the most-current information, and how to minimize transmission and who's at risk.

Feb 1st CEO Update – 2018: A Year in Review

CEO UPDATE: SOUTHWEST HEALTH SYSTEM 2018, A YEAR IN REVIEW For Southwest Health System (SHS), 2018 was a year defined by tremendous change, chaos and ultimately success.  An opportunity for the organization to either accept the direction it was heading and ultimately fail or accept the challenge that was in front of it and establish […]

Just Culture at SHS

After an on-site review and implementation of the Just Culture philosophy and concept with David Marx and John Westphal of Outcome Engenuity in the fall of 2018,  SHS has embraced and is implementing facility-wide a “Just Culture” philosophy including education and training to leadership and staff. “A just culture balances the need for an open […]


Senior Leadership Team

Jeanie Gentry (CEO) Chief Executive Officer The Southwest Health System (SHS) Board of Directors is pleased to announce Jeanine A. Gentry as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the hospital. Gentry, who is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), began her new role on January 20, 2022. For more than […]

Calendar of Board Meetings

Calendar of EventsTo stay up-to-date on our scheduled board meetings, please view our calendar below. If you have questions or concerns regarding these dates, please contact us for further information. 


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