Medical Services at Southwest Health System

If you have an accident or illness requiring urgent attention call 9-1-1 now. For general information, 970-565-6666.

Highly trained and skilled physicians, nurses, and emergency medical technicians take care of approximately 12,500 patients each year at Southwest Memorial Hospital. Care levels range from walk-in care to multi-system trauma to cardiac care and stabilization.  Our complete price list can be reviewed here.

Additional healthcare providers (including visiting physicians) serve our community’s needs in several area clinics. These providers are part of Southwest Medical Group (SMG).

Cardiac Rehabilitation: 970-564-2293
Outpatient Cardiovascular Wellness (Cardiac Rehab) offers cardiac, pulmonary, and wellness services to the community. MORE

Cardiopulmonary Services: 970-564-2361
Cardiopulmonary Services provides both cardiopulmonary diagnostic studies and respiratory care for inpatients and outpatients. MORE

Diabetes Education: 970-564-2352
Research shows that lifestyle modifications, including diet and exercise, are the most effective things you can do to regulate your blood sugar. MORE

Diagnostic Imaging: 970-564-2050
The Diagnostic Imaging Department (also known as Radiology) at Southwest Memorial Hospital is proud to offer advanced imaging equipment and technology, along with a highly trained and experienced staff of technologists and radiologists. MORE

Emergency Services: (911) or 970-564-2025
In an emergency, always call 9-1-1. If you have an accident or illness requiring urgent attention you can take comfort in knowing that Southwest Memorial Hospital provides emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. MORE

Family Birthing Center: 970-564-2245
Women go through the entire process of labor, delivery and immediate recovery in comfortable, home-like rooms. C-section delivery is available. The Family Birthing Center is staffed by registered nurses with a special certification in obstetrics nursing. MORE

Infusion Clinic: 970-564-2499
Southwest Memorial Infusion Clinic provides a comfortable and safe space for patients seeking privacy and convenience while receiving their infusion therapy. MORE

Inpatient Medical / Surgical Care: 970-564-2200
The Medical/Surgical Care Unit at Southwest Memorial Hospital provides care for both adults and children who are hospitalized for acute medical conditions and who are recovering after surgery. MORE

Intensive / Critical Care Unit: 970-564-2260
The Intensive/Critical Care Unit at Southwest Memorial Hospital has four beds for patients requiring specialized medical and nursing care. MORE

Laboratory: 970-564-2080
The Southwest Memorial Hospital laboratory has a vast array of sophisticated state-of-the art equipment and is staffed by trained professionals who process samples and do testing. You can also visit the Walk-in Draw Station on 111 North Park Street in Cortez (970-565-4534). MORE

Nutrition Education: 970-564-2276
Our Nutrition Education department provides diabetes education and nutrition services based on current clinical research. Using an integrative approach, both one-on-one and group sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs. MORE

Occupational Therapy: 970-564-2460
Occupational therapists help individuals achieve independence in their lives despite temporary or permanent disabilities. MORE

Pharmacy: 970-564-2190
Clinical pharmacists in hospitals are responsible for providing the expertise to facilitate appropriate drug selection, dosage calculations and education to physicians, hospital staff and patients about medications. MORE

Physical Therapy: 970-564-2460
Southwest Memorial Hospital offers physical therapy to patients while they are in the hospital as well as a complete array of outpatient services. MORE

Sleep Center: 970-564-2678
The Southwest Health System Diagnostic Sleep Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and offers a full line of services to diagnose and treat more than 150 different sleep disorders. MORE

Social Worker: 970-564-4658
Provides patients with support and information about community resources that are available to help individuals maintain safe, independent lifestyles. MORE

Speech Therapy: 970-564-2460
Speech Therapy is a rehabilitative health profession dedicated to facilitating and restoring a previously functioning communication system. MORE

Surgical Services: 970-564-2237
Southwest Memorial Hospital offers state-of-the-art same-day surgical care in three operating rooms and one endoscopy suite. MORE

Wound Care: 970-564-2460
Wounds that have not healed starting within two weeks or are not completely healed in six weeks warrant special attention. MORE