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Patient Referral Process

If you need to refer a patient to SHS, please see below to learn the process your patients will go through to get an appointment with us.

Once a patient is referred, they will be sent a New Patient Packet prior to their appointment. Packets are emailed, mailed, or taken from the website or clinics.

After completing the packet, SHS staff will assign the patient to their provider and call them with their appointment information. A patient is called three times, if they do not answer, a letter is then sent to them in the mail notifying them SHS is trying to contact them. 

Patients are tracked from start to finish in a shared drive on the clinic’s folder.

  • Tracked items include, date packet received; provider requested, or assigned to, patients name and DOB, Date the patient is scheduled, if records were requested with dates and destinations

Patients are offered Telehealth or in Office visit and completes their appointment

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