Physician and Medical Provider Recruitment


Physician and medical provider recruitment is based on the following:

  • Does the medical staff include a sufficient number of primary care physicians and specialists to meet the healthcare needs of the community?
  • How will the growth of existing services and the addition of new services impact the need for additional physicians?
  • What changes in the medical staff can be anticipated over the next five years due to physicians retiring and relocating?

The Medical Staff Services Department of Southwest Health System is responsible for administrative functions of the medical staff, as well as support for the medical and allied health staff. The department provides physicians with a wide variety of services including:

  • Credentialing new members for the medical staff and allied health professional staff.
  • Providing support for medical staff meetings.
  • Assuring compliance for credentialing standards mandated by the federal government, state government and regulatory agencies such as DNV Healthcare, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).
  • Providing clinically relevant Continuing Medical Education opportunities for physicians and allied staff.
  • Assisting in physician recruitment.

Medical Staff Services

Melony Birt, Medical Staff Manager

Phone: (970) 564-2152

Fax: (970) 564-2155