Southwest Health System (SHS) Visitor Restriction Updates Beginning Monday 3/23/2020 and including expansion of services beginning May 4th –  In an effort to preserve precious resources, protect patients and employees and to continue providing quality care to our community the following changes will be implemented starting Monday March 23, 2020, with outlines changes effective May 4, 2020:

No visitors will be permitted to visit patients in any area of the hospital. Patients in our Family Birthing Center and patients who are minor children are exempt from this change.  Patients who are being seen in the Family Birthing Center or minor children will be allowed 1 consistent and designated visitor. The appointed visitor must be in good health and may be asked to undergo temperature monitoring or to wear personal protective equipment.

Patients being seeing in the Medical Office Building will not be permitted an accompanying quest with them to their appointments. The only exception will be minor children who require a parent or guardian at their appointment. Only 1 designated parent or guardian can accompany them, they must also be in good health and may be subject to temperature screening.

The main hospital entrance will be open to Elective Surgery  & Diagnostic Imaging patients ONLY starting May 4th.  Surgery and Imagining patients will come in through the main door. Patients are strongly encouraged to wear their mask, or they will be provided one for the duration of their visit. Visitor restrictions remain in place.   For all other hospital-based services, such as Laboratory and Emergency Room care Emergency Room entrance.

Physical Therapy will be expanding their services accessible through Medical Office Building entrance beginning May 4th. Patients are strongly encouraged to wear their mask, or they will be provided one for the duration of their visit.

The Medical Office Building will only be open Monday – Friday from 7:00am-3:00pm. 

Patients who are being seen for symptoms consistent with COVID19 (cough, fever, body aches and chills) will be separated from other patients in both the ER and Inpatient units.

The laboratory draw station located at 111 N. Park Street, Cortez CO will be open 7am-5pm Monday – Friday. The draw station will be utilized for healthy patients who are showing no symptoms of COVID19 or Influenza.

Patients being seen in the Walk-In Clinic, all Physician Offices (including Medical Office Building EntranceSMG Mancos and SMG School-Based), Physical Therapy, Lab, Sleep Center, Infusion and Cardiac Rehab will be allowed one companion to their appointment.

The visitor or companion must be in good health and may be asked to comply with temperature monitoring. Visitors or companions may be turned away if they are determined to be unwell. No visitors or companions under the age 16 will be allowed. Visitors and companions will have limited access and mobility throughout the facility.

Our cafeteria will be closed to the public starting Monday, March 16th, 2020. Employees and patients will still be served. Entrances will be limited to the Emergency Room and the Medical Office Building.

We encourage patients to utilize on-line bill pay options or pay by phone at 970-564-2130 and call ahead if medical records are urgently needed at 970-564-2311.

These restrictions will remain in place until further notice and will be continually reevaluated. The most current information will be available on Facebook at and

If you have questions about COVID-19 or feel you are exhibiting symptoms such as cough, fever and shortness of breath, you may call our patient information line at 970-564-2201.