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SHS has three different COVID-19 tests that may be utilized to determine if you are positive for COVID-19 or have built antibodies to COVID-19. Below are Fact Sheets for each piece of testing equipment used at SHS (COVID Assays under COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorization).

Sofia SARS Antigen FIA Patient Facts: EUA-Quidel-sofia-patient

Sofia SARS Antigen FIA Provider Facts: EUA-Quidel-sofia-hcp

BD MAX Patient Facts: EUA-BD-Biogx-patient
BD MAX Provider Facts: EUA-BD-Biogx-hcp

ORTHO Anti-SARS CoV2 IGG Patient Facts (Antibody Test): EUA-Ortho-igg-recipients
ORTHO Anti-SARS CoV2 IGG Provider Facts (Antibody Test): EUA-Ortho-igg-hcp