Wounds that have not healed starting within two weeks or are not completely healed in six weeks warrant special attention.

Wounds can be caused from a variety of disease processes such as diabetes, poor circulation, trauma, pressure or burns to mention a few.

Wound care at Southwest Memorial Hospital is founded in evidence based approaches and provided by licensed and certified professionals. Our approach is based on each patient’s individual needs and we provide treatment designed to achieve the best possible long term outcome, reduce the risk of re-injury to the wound care, and sustain health skin.

Treatment options at the Southwest Memorial Hospital Wound Care Center include:

  • Individual and ongoing evaluation of wound status;
  • Wound debridement;
  • Wound dressings;
  • Compression therapy/dressings;
  • Modalities aimed at increasing the rate of healing;
  • Holistic approach taking into consideration nutrition, disease processes, the musculoskeletal system, activity level, and the underlying cause of the wound.

Wound care professionals work closely with physicians to appropriately treat wounds with the goal of returning patients to their quality of life.

The Wound Care Center is under the direction of Jodi Harris, PT, WCC, CWS. She can be reached at 970-564-2465.