Feb 15th CEO Update

Tony gives a regular (usually weekly) update to the SHS staff.  Excerpts of which are below…

This has been a quiet week in Administration but a busy week on the patient care side.  We continue to see an increase in flu cases and unfortunately staff has been affected also. We are trending well ahead of last year in most every area.  January was also a busy month and while we continue to compile the data, preliminary results indicate it is going to be an excellent month from a bottom line standpoint and continue our positive trend.  This is all due to the efforts of everyone at SHS who has jumped on-board and supported our action plan to return SHS to a healthy financial position and the preferred provider for our service area.  Thanks for your efforts.


We send our thoughts and prayers out to Brad Wayt and his family for the loss of his mother, Dotty.  Brad is the current Chairman of the MCHD Board and Dotty was one of the original members of that Board.  Dotty was 96 years old.


I received the following letters from patients/family members this week.  Thanks to you all for continuing to provide exceptional care and compassion to our patients and their families.

Patient Financial Coordinator:  “One of my family members recently required care at your facility and needed some financial assistance so we met with Rhonda Hatfield after filling out an application.  She was not only extremely efficient and knowledgeable, she was also very compassionate…..we have not always found other agencies to be so helpful.  Her intervention not only helped us, it helped the hospital as well because the patient was able to qualify for Medicaid and thus the bill was covered.  During every contact we had with Rhonda, she was very kind.  She followed up quickly with everything she said she would do and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate her.  The hospital is very fortunate to have her for a resource!”

OR Staff:  “I had such EXCELLENT care, and your group worked together like a well-choreographed dance.  Namely: Tony, John, Jamie, Deena, Cody and Pam (student nurse). There may have been more behind the scenes whom I did not see.

  • One person was calling lab to come down and draw blood for a test that was needed;
  • One person was calling pharmacy for something;
  • One person was trying to get an IV in a very flat vein that had not been hydrated in HOURS;
  • The student nurse was doing something to be handed off;
  • The anesthetist was going over papers with me;
  • And bless his heart, Cody wheeled a patient through to Same Day and came back to put the IV in slick as a whistle.

As you may know, or have guessed from this e-mail, I am not a clinician, but I do know what a DYNAMITE TEAM you have there.

I thank each of them from the bottom of my heart for their professionalism, care, teamwork, friendliness, calm demeanor, empathy, and knowledge.

You’re the BEST!”

Because of the generosity of University of Colorado & Children’s Hospital Colorado, SHS hosted an educational dinner on pediatric sleep apnea last Friday evening in the new upstairs lobby space.  Dr. Ann Halbower presented to 35 doctors, dentists and allied health professionals from all over the four corners.  I’m proud to say that due to the hard work of Lindsay, Dr. Razma, our catering team and all others who assisted, this was a huge success.  We have a great organization and much to offer to our community.


CRNA:  As I reported last week we had an excellent visit last Friday with Rachel Wallace, CRNA and her family.  As a result we now have a signed letter of intent and are processing the contract to finalize her joining SHS in the coming months.

Internal Medicine:  We continue to progress with recruiting Dr. Susan Laningham.  She is reviewing her contract and we anticipate wrapping that up in the very near future.


As you will recall, the SHS Board, the MCHD Board and SHS Administration committed to holding regular public forums to receive public input as we did last October.  The next forum has been scheduled for March 27, 2019 before the regularly scheduled SHS Board meeting at the City Council chambers.  We encourage you to attend and participate.


As mentioned a few weeks ago, we continue to prepare for the role out of the “Just Culture” program and have now scheduled the next step.  On February 26th David Marx will be in town and will provide training to the SHS and MCHD Boards that evening.  He will be working with administration to help us line out the plan for the remainder of the program implementation.  We will continue to keep you updated as plans are finalized.


Just a reminder that the Donor Appreciation/Open House will be taking place on March 14th at 5:30 in the new Lobby.  We will be unveiling the new donor wall at that time also.


In closing I am sad to report that two weeks ago we had to say good bye to our cat Tiger Lilly, as you will recall she was the inspiration for my in-process children’s book and my CEO update a few weeks ago on adapting to change.  Thanks to all of you who have been asking how she was doing.

As always keep doing what you do as the results are evident in the progress we are making.
Thank You,


Anthony Sudduth, CPA, FACHE, FHFMA

Interim CEO

SHS Awarded Rebate of $27,565.30 from Empire Electric for New Facilities.

SHS was awarded $27,565.30 by Empire Electric as an energy-efficiency rebate for measures taken in the new construction to reduce utility consumption. In addition to this rebate it is estimated that SHs will save over $40,000 annually on utility costs as a result of these efficiencies!

A big Thank You to Empire Electric for these funds!

2018 Employee of the Year and Tailgate Party

Rob Owens was selected from the 2018 Employee of the Month recipients by the Senior Leadership Team. While all of the submissions exhibited distinct and honorable characteristics and traits that support Southwest Health System, Rob stood out.

2018 has been a challenging year for Southwest Health System, and Rob was able to step up to the challenge and lead a department that was significantly affected. “Semper Fi” is the US Marine Corp motto. Translated, it means “always faithful”. Rob continues to exhibit that same dedication in his service to Southwest Health System.








SHS hosts a “tailgate” party each year in which departments bring their favorite dishes and share with the rest of the team.  This year had a great turnout and we all enjoyed some time together while honoring our employee of the year.